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eGO 1k Day

As I mentioned before, I was close to my 1000th mile on my eGO. Since that time, I had to deal with a trifling electrical problem, so my rate kind of slowed down. Frankly, it's sad to see that Ken's 1000th post is about to happen, and I just today crossed to 1000 miles on my eGO. For the last month, that means Ken's been posting about as aggressively as I've put miles on the poor moped. Oh well.

Hopefully, since the weather is getting nicer and I've filtering through all of my outstanding maintenance issues, I'll increase my average miles per day quite a bit.


interesting juxtapositin...

But...how long did it take for him to make 1000 posts? I mean, in my journal, I've had it nearly two years and I've only made 438 posts and I'm pretty verbose. Also, how much is in each of these posts?

~770 entries have been since May 2003, when I started the blog. The remaining 220 were backposts from a private log that I had been keeping. The backposts tend to be short. The current entries tend to be at least several paragraphs each, though there are entries that consist of little more than a sentence and a link, and there are entries that are several pages long.

I've also made about 150-200 posts on a community blog, but those tend to be nothing more than a link and a bit of context. I'm not including those in the 1000 count, nor am I including the 17 posts made on another journal, which are mostly long tutorials.

Goodness, well, I bow to you. You are a lot more dedicated blogger than I am. :)

quantity doesn't mean quality :)

No, this is true. Though, I would think you'd need at least some content. I'm sure that the majority of your posts have some sort of quality other than, "Hello, Sue- I like bread!"